2 for £15 mix and match

Please write flavour of choice
Please write flavour of choice

2 x 100ml for £15 mix and match, please see below for menu and write it in the selected boxes.


NO FEAR – A dark berry mix with a little twist

FRUIT PASTILLES – Fruity sweet flavour like the real sweets

THE VOODOO – Juicy peach sweetened with a splash of raspberry

DRAGONS BLUUD -Strawberry lace creamy taste with a hint of mint

BERRY BLAST - Berries mixer

PENCILS – Strawberry pencils sweets

CANDY QUEEN – Strawberry watermelon bubble-gum

MANGO & PINEAPPLE – Mango and pineapple

APPLE & MANGO - Apple and mango 

GRAPE & STRAWBERRIES – Grape and strawberries 

DEJA VOODOO - A pear drops mix with a little twist


SEA BLUE – Blue raspberry menthol 

CHERRY MENTHOL – A plain cherry menthol 

DEVILS MANGO – Tropical fruit mix with a cool effect

SLOW BLOW – Pineapple and lime mix with a cool effect

SOFT MINTS – Spearmint soft mints

JUNGLE JUICE – Exotic fruits flavour with a cool effect

SEASIDE ROCK – Strawberry peppermint like a stick of rock

MENTHOL – Plain menthol

ORANGE FANCY – A juicy tangy orange with a chill 

ICEBERG (sold out) - A blueberry haze twist with a menthol kick


BLUE SLUSH  – Berry slush

RED SLUSH – Strawberry and raspberry slush

CHEER UP – Cherry 7 up with a cool effect

PLUSH – Dark berry slush

PASSION FRUIT CIDER – Passion fruit cider, sweet fully tropical and smooth summer blend 

S&L CIDER – Strawberry and lime cider 

VYMTO – a mixed berry drink 


APPLE PIE & CINNAMON – Apple pie and cinnamon 

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN – Blueberry muffin 

BATTENBERG – Cherry & strawberry jam, over a subtle almond sponge with a marzipan blanket 

COOKIE MONSTER – Cookies and cream

JAMMY – Jam on toast 

LEMON TART – Lemon meringue pie

BANANA SWAMP – Banana custard

MUMMIES MILK – Creamy strawberry cheesecake/milkshake

NANNY JUICE – Rhubarb and custard

PAN MAN – Strawberry pancakes

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE – strawberry cheesecake


TCT – Toffee caramel tobacco